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  Eric Lagi has been performing as a solo artist for over 20 years.


  Extremely versatile, he incorporates many styles and sounds into his act. From jazz, rock, and tropical styles to modern dance music.


  Eric's ability to read the crowd guarantees a successful event. Whether you need back ground music or an interactive party, he always delivers.


  To keep things fresh and musically dynamic, Eric constantly changes his approach to his performances. Some material is performed with high-quality backing tracks. Other times, he will create a softer sound with only his voice and guitar, often incorporating intricate finger-style picking. To really spice things up, Eric utilizes a "Looper" pedal that allows him to create drums, bass, rhythm / lead guitar, and vocal harmonies. This approach allows a fuller sound but retains the art of a live and spontaneous performance.


  If your event calls for a escalation in both energy and excitement or you planned an all-out dance party to cap the night, Eric Lagi is an excellent choice. The song selection can become increasingly upbeat and modern to accommodate the energy of the event. If you truly require the latest in dance music and audience interaction, Eric Lagi is an experienced DJ that can literally take your party to a whole other level. (See "DJ" page for details)


  Eric has performed nationwide for numerous Fortune 500 companies, Theme Parks, Charity events and Private Parties. He is currently a featured performer at the J.W. Marriott, The World Center Marriott, The Hyatt Grand Cypress, and The Omni at Champions Gate in the Central Florida area.

Guitar and Vocals


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  • Features

  • Volume is always under YOUR control

  • Extremely flexible and sympathetic to any changes that may occur prior and during events

  • State of the art equipment complete with multiple back up sources to guarantee performance

  • Complete M.C. duties included.Wireless microphone included for guest speakers or announcements (by request)

  • DJ Service (by request)Appropriate dress for any event type

  • Interactive dancing with guests when requested


  • Equipment

  • Electra Voice ELX and SXA series speakers

  • Sure wireless microphones

  • Mackie DL1608 ipad mixer

  • Macbook Pro Retina

  • ipad and ipod

  • Boss RC-300 Looper Pedal

  • T.C. Electronics Voice Live 2

  • Takimine and Carvin guitars

 In most of the videos Eric Lagi features a technique called "live looping". The technique is an interesting blend of man and machine.


The "loop pedal" is a foot controlled floor unit that allows one to record a small segment of a live performance (vocal or guitar part etc.) then seamlessly repeat or "loop" it. Once recorded the "loop" can be turned on and off at will. Eric takes it a step further by integrating a "voice fx pedal" this allows him to create instant vocal harmonies or the famous "Cher/T-Pain effect" featured on so many of today's hits.

Finally, Lagi utilizes his voice to perform "beat box" style drum loops to give his performances a full band like sound. 


Although the videos showcase what he can do with the "live looping" technique, only when you see him live can you truly appreciate the level of skill required for this type of performance.

( Some of the videos demonstrate Eric performing to backing tracks as well as "unplugged"  (no loops and no vocal FX )



The videos were filmed at Galaxy Productions in Winter FL.


Great guys, great work, GREAT prices!

Speacial thanks to Troy and Rand-eye!!!!!


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Solo Performance


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